A fresh voice.

First and foremost: I am a Steelers fan. Please do not hold that against me.

Moving to Maidencreek Township in 2018 was a dream for me and my wife, including our two children. We both grew up in the countryside - she in York County, PA, and me in the mountains of West Virginia. We were married in 2010, moved to Canada to get my Ph.D. in Socio-Cultural Studies, and then moved to Scranton for my first job as a college professor. 

We desperately missed small-town living. Thankfully, I received an offer from Kutztown University and moved into our current house in Fleetwood in August of 2018. Right away, and still, the Township provides that small-town feel where people just know one another. We have gotten to know business owners, restaurant owners, and others as we frequent our favorites shops and eateries. 

But, with familiarization comes the stark realization that - perhaps - not all is right.

Leave no doubt about it, bickering has replaced leadership in Maidencreek Township. The clashing of personalities, ideals, thoughts of direction - and more - has resulted in the Township freeze-framing and seemingly living in groundhog day. 

I don't stand for it. And will not stand for it.

Leadership is not fighting your own fight. Leadership is fighting for the underrepresented, fighting for those with voices wanting to be heard, and fighting for those with real issues looking for real solutions. 

want to be that leader for you. I want to be that fighter. Democrat? Republican? I simply do not care. 

Beliefs in ideology can, and should, be put aside to help those seeking true, innovative, forward-thinking, and practical leadership.

You will - all of you - always have my support.

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