About My Research

After spending quite some time in the socio-cultural study of sport arena, I heeded the advice of my wife who continuously prompted me to follow my true passion: big data analytics in the sport industry. As mentioned elsewhere on my site, I make abundant use of RStudio and the r programming language to manipulate and extract meaning from my data sets.

Thankfully, my academic department has been truly supportive of this abrupt shift in research track and I couldn’t be happier doing the research I am doing now, as it has been a long passion of mine ever since beginning work on Through The Fence Baseball and constantly crawling through its traffic data using Google Analytics output to RStudio.

Forthcoming Research

  1. A study that uses data from the city of Los Angeles to track all arrests records from 2010 to present. By examining the over 1.3 million points of data, updated weekly, I am creating a model to help determine if over-policing is occurring in the lead up to the LA2028 Olympic Games much like occurred during the 1984 LA Olympics. –accepted / currently under revision

  2. By using data provided by Zillow, I am plotting the change in home values in neighborhoods immediately adjacent to NFL stadiums built after 1996. – currently under peer review

Book Chapters

  1. “In Defense of a Neoliberal America: Ronald Reagan, Domestic Policy, and the Soviet Bloc Boycott of the 1984 Los Angeles Olympic Games,” in Defending The American Way of Life: Sport, Politics, and the Cold War, edited by Kevin Witherspoon and Toby Rider (Fayetteville, Arkansas: University of Arkansas Press).

  2. “A Five-Ringed Coup D’etat: Ronald Reagan and the 1984 Los Angeles Olympic Summer Games,” in Donnie Pei, ed., The Master Collection of Olympic Papers (Beijing, China: Beijing Sports University Press).

Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles

  1. “The Only Dream Out There: Anchorage, Alaska and the Bidding for the 1992 Olympic Winter Games,” Olympika: The International Journal of Olympic Studies XXIV (2015), 137-155.

  2. “An Odyssey: The City of Los Angeles and the Olympic Movement, 1932-1984,” Southern California Quarterly 97(2), 177-211.

  3. “A Brief Analysis of the Reagan Administration and the 1984 Los Angeles Olympic Games,” Journal of Olympic History 22(1), 90-99.

  4. “Playing in Paha Sapa: The Recreational Culture of the Black Hills Gold Rush,” Journal of the West? 51(3), 57-70.
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