Current Courses:

SPT 160: Introduction to Sport Management
SPT 236: Personal Selling in Sport

  • In order to provide a fully-robust experience in this course, I am proud to have partnered with Ahrefs, an all-in-one toolset that allows for analyzing online competition and studying what customers are searching for on the web by utilizing the company’s database of monthly search queries, which is currently the third-largest in the world.

  • As well, in order to provide students with hands-on experience, I have partnered with SCORE CRM – a fully hosted customer management system widely used throughout the sports industry.

SPT 270: Sport and Society

SPT 3XX: Sports Analytics (to start being offered Fall 2021)

Previous Courses:

SRM 3130: Sport Governance
?SRM 3120: Sport Marketing & Promotions
SRM 3160: Modern Olympic History
SRM 4135: Sport Business Practices
SRM 4140: Sport Public Relations

Selected Student Evaluation Comments:

“I really enjoyed the course material. The assignments helped me understand more about selling in the sport world. I also really enjoyed how fun he made the class.”

“Dr. Congelio is awesome at relating our course material to what we will actually be doing in the real world in our careers.”

“Dr. Congelio did a great job of connecting things learned in class to real life. This was the most interesting class I have ever taken.”

“The most personable professor I have ever had.”

“He really knows what he is talking about. A great person and an even better professor.”

“He has a unique ability to connect to students. He is my new favorite professor.”

“He is the Greatest.Of.All.Time.”

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